06 November 2007

Using The Creative Part of Her Brain

We have a Family Journal. We started it a couple of months ago. Basically every week at Family Home Evening, Doug and I write a little bit on what has happened the previous week. Work things, events we attended, stuff going on at home, what's new with Sariah, etc. Then Sariah get her opportunity to contribute. Usually that means us giving her a crayon and her sticking it in her mouth, but after weeks and weeks of trial and error, ta da! Yup, she drew this all by herself, isn't she smart? Oh sure, I doubt she had any real clue what she was doing, but she enjoyed it.

In other Sariah news... she's *this close* to walking. She's getting good with short distances, but on longer juts, she gets too excited and trips over her tippy toes. I did manage to catch this picture.
Its pretty hard to get her on video or in a picture walking because she gets really excited to see what's behind that screen. (Yup, she's attune to the digital world, already!) But hopefully I'll get a video soon, maybe when Doug's around to distract her.


Susan said...

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Sariah nearly walking? Time flies.

Also, I think you do a really good job of dressing Sariah. She always looks cute in the pictures you take.

P.S. Your blog is playing Sym. No. 25 right now which is one of my favorites! Love it.

Mary said...

Margaret loves coloring! Maybe they can be pen pals, sending cute crayon scribbles back and forth to each other.