23 February 2010


Dear Abs,

Please show up to my next work out... thanks!

ow, ow, ow

Dear Little Boy,

You're 12 lbs now, anytime you want to start sleeping longer is fine by me. Also, its okay to sleep when you're not being held, really it is!

Your Very Tired Mommy

Dear Mild Cheddar,

You're not tasty, sorry. Please don't let my husband buy you again.

A Sharp Cheddar lover

Dear Family,

Last time I checked, taking a shower was not a spectator sport. Just a thought.

Um, I'm a little busy here

Dear Winter Olympics,

Why do you have to be so entertaining? I can't stop watching you!

Its a hate/love thing

Dear Little Girl,

Everything doesn't have to be a fight. Sometimes its okay just to do as I say.

Deja Vu Mommy

Dear Snow,

I'm breaking up with you, please leave & bring on Spring. I'm really over trying to get all the multiple layers on my family.

Ready for shorts

Dear Spammers,

Stop leaving your creepy/annoying comments on my blog. I am tired of deleting them. Don't make me go private, because I will, but I won't like it.

Not looking forward to the hassle.

Dear Food,

Could you please prepare yourself for all meals? Also, make sure there's a wide variety of veggies & stuff so we can be healthy. I'm sorry I don't have time to spend preparing you anymore.

Tired of eating out of the freezer

Dear Dept. of Magic,

There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Could you please send me one of those time turner thingies so I can get my house clean, spend more time with just my husband & oh yeah, sleep some more?

So exhausted last night I started randomly singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy"


Alan and Denise said...

Enjoyed your post. Wishing you could get all your wanted answers. Best of luck!

Jenny said...

I agree. Spring needs to be here already, dinner needs to make itself, and there need to be more hours in the day. Here's hoping!

Julie & Daniel said...

This is a really clever post! I hope it all works out for you! Spring is coming and the Olympics are almost over. You're awesome!

Alicia and Mark said...

I agree, I need more time in the day or the ability to move super fast without getting tired (like Mighty Mouse). Things will get easier and spring is coming!

Amber and The Boys said...

Love this post, but don't you think a house elf would be better than a time turner? :)

Susan said...

Loved the post.

Sarah said...