13 February 2010

1 Month

Bryson at 1 month:

Still sleeps with his mouth open (very cute!)

Still wakes mommy up every 2.5-3 hrs at night (although last night he did 4 at one stretch, so hopefully things are looking up.)

Reacting well to his reflux medicine

Is such a slow eater! Often times feeding take at least an hour.

Still very cuddly and loves to sleep against someone.

So tolerant of Sariah and rarely cries, even when Sariah is "crushing him" or bugging him or yesterday I caught her trying to carry him to me.

Starting to see his surroundings. He likes to look at Mommy & Daddy and of course bright lights and windows.

So adorable!!!


Alan and Denise said...

The time sure flys by. I was just realizing yesterday that he was already a month old. He's a very lovable 1 month old.

Jenny said...

I can commiserate with you on the slow eating thing. James was SO slow. By the time he finished eating, it was time to feed Thomas again. But, it does mean you get lots of cuddle time with a cute little boy!

I just can't get over how much he looks like Doug to me.