11 March 2010

Bryson's Blessing Day

This is a little late, but Bryson received his name and blessing in church last Sunday. Doug did a fabulous job, and it was a very sweet & (I think) unique blessing. Among other things, he was blessed to be a peacemaker (which we could really use!), he would value knowledge, and become what God would have him be.

Here's the handsome boy!Several hands were used to make this blessing outfit. I started it while I was still pregnant and made the bodice, vest & collar. The vest is left over fabric from my wedding dress. Unfortunately, I never got around to finishing it before I had Bryson, and I was too tired to do so afterward, so my wonderful friend, Ann, finished the sleeves, pants & buttonholes. (She also got a little help from Sariah.) That just left some hand work for me to finish. I think it turned out beautifully, and I'm glad we blessed him when we did, because it just barely fit!

Here's our new family photo. Forgive the editing, we took the pictures in front of our family sign, and I didn't want our last name to show. I think we're looking pretty good! I really think Sariah and I look really similar in this photo, and its not just the fact we're wearing matching skirts.
Doug's parents were able to come out for the weekend which was really nice. They got to watch Sariah at her swim lessons, view Doug's work place, among other things. It was a really great weekend, and we're glad they could come visit.


Melissa said...

Such a great blessing outfit!! Good work. He's a handsome boy!

Jenny said...

I wish I could have been there. I agree, you and Sariah do look a lot alike in this picture. You guys are a cute little family!