20 February 2010

Super Sariah!

I've spent a lot of time on the blog talking about Bryson, or Sariah and Bryson together, so I thought I'd dedicate a post just to Sariah, because frankly, she's one amazing 3 year old. She's doing an amazing job at dance class & swim lessons and she loves story time. Sure we're going through a big adjustment and her and mommy are going through a big adjustment, but she's doing such a great job and she's learning to do more things by herself.

I know she's feeling a little insecure right now. She's always asking me if I missed her while she was gone or if I still like her. She's never really been one to attach herself to things, but lately she's really into this big teddy bear I got from my colorguard girls when I taught at Bastrop HS. Teddy goes a lot of places with Sariah like the bathroom, he sits next to her at breakfast & he's a must for sleeping. A few time the last week she's woken up & teddy hasn't been tucked into the blankets with her, so she's woken us up to tuck them back in. She goes back to sleep pretty quickly so I think its pretty cute. Here's a picture I took of them together.She was totally asleep and rolled over to cuddle teddy. It was pretty adorable.

Yesterday, Sariah went into her room and got dressed all by herself without anyone helping. She even picked out her own clothes. Here's what she looked like when she came into my room (I was feeding Bryson.)

Yup, clashing flower patterns and if you look closely, her black shoes are on the wrong feet. The mother in me is quite proud of her for picking out clothes and getting dressed all by herself, but the fashionista in me is quite horrified: clashing flower patterns? brown pants & black shoes? Oh my! We're going to have to work on that fashion sense. Ok, deep breath. And yes, I let her out of the house looking like that, although I made her switch her shoes to the right feet. We had to go to the dentist and didn't have time to change, but I didn't take her coat off while we were there. But frankly, nobody but me cares what she looks like. Plus she totally charmed our hygienist (who I love btw.)

A few other things about Sariah...

She's quite the computer genius. She's learned how to open a web browser and get to PBS kids to play her games. She loves the Word World, Martha Speaks, Curious George & SuperWhy! games. She also figured out how to get to the media player & play the songs I have loaded on there.

Speaking of songs, she's got quite the singing voice. Our songs of choice in the car right now are from the Glee soundtrack & I was impressed to catch her singing along on multiple occasions. I was also pleasantly pleased at our last FHE to find out that she knew about half of the words to the Primary song they learned in January.

She's also very helpful. Just right now she "helped" brush the tanglies out of my hair. And now she's brushing Bryson's hair.

Its been much harder to have two kids and I feel bad because right now I really think Sariah is getting the short end of the stick, but I'm thankful that she's such a bright little girl.


hilary w said...

What a sweet little girl you have. It's always hard on the older sibling (and mom) when the new baby arrives. I felt like I couldn't even look at Jack without losing patience with him for the first 4 or 5 months. Thankfully it gets better, as everything always does!

Alan and Denise said...

Sariah is a very cute and smart girl! It's great that she's learning to do more by herself. She can be such a big help!

Amber and The Boys said...

Ya, what Hilary said. It is a big change to have your second kid. In the long run she will love it and you will love it and all will be well. Hang in there. She is SUCH a doll!