03 July 2008

Swim Lessons: Day 8

We survived little dippers swim lessons, YAY!!!

Okay, I'm going to rewind a little bit and just give a HUGE thank you to Doug, who stayed home with a seriously crabby Sariah last night while I ran far, ran fast and had a mommy's night out. If there was ever a day that I needed some away time, yesterday was it. I went bowling with friends (and lost, badly, twice!) then I still didn't want to go home, so I bummed around best buy, walmart and then saw the 10pm showing of Get Smart (which, btw, I really enjoyed!) Today I woke up refreshed and ready to be more patient with Sariah and myself! YAY!

Speaking of waking up, there's a new rule in our house: No Sariah sleeping with only a diaper on. Why do you ask? Well, last night was really hot and humid, so Doug put Sariah to sleep in only a nite nite diapy, and this morning when he went to get here, she was naked! After closer examination of sheets, there were little wet spots all over, leading up to believe she took the diaper off last night before she fell asleep (plus said diaper was totally dry...) Thankfully there was nothing worse than just a little pee, and we learned a lesson. :)

Okay, is this post about swim lessons or what? So today was our final day! I'm happy and sad at the same time. Its been an intense two weeks and we're thankful they're done, but on the other hand, Sariah loves to swim! She was really trying to stay up all by herself today, and sure, she didn't want to participate in any of the activities, but she still had fun. We did have one incident where I got her out of the pool to practice jumping and she moved out of my reach and stood there shivering, and Angie (our teacher) had to jump out and bring her back to me. Silly girl.

Anyways, I'm really glad we did lessons, and I think we'll continue, and maybe even find more to do soon. :)

So I was really evil yesterday posting that recipe in German, but I do have it translated into English w/ converted measurements (sortof).

Apple cake by Brother Kuhrmeyer

1 cup (plus a titch more) flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 packet german pudding (or you can use jello cook and serve, but NOT INSTANT) (Vanilla)
.783 cup (I just used 3/4 + a bit more) sugar
2 tsp vanilla
4 eggs
.435 cup (or 100g if you have a measuring cup that does it) Milk (You can also use soy milk and it still works okay if someone has allergies)
.435 cup (or 100g) veg. oil
just over 1/2 cup butter (okay to use vegan butter if someone has allergies)

Mix all ingredients except the oil and butter in a bowl. In a second bowl mix add the oil and butter and heat (in microwave) until the butter is soft, mix, let it cool a little and then add it to the other ingredients. Pour onto a cookie sheet (one with sides so it doesn't run everywhere. I think I also sprayed the sheet with pam for baking, but I'm not sure). Cut your apples into thin slices and place onto mixture. (I did mine in rows, but feel free to be creative if you want.) Sprinkle the whole thing with cinnamon/sugar and bake for 30 min in a 390F (or 200C) oven. (although I took mine out after only 27 min. and it was pretty brown so I'd watch it carefully).

Have fun baking and enjoy!

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Alan & Denise said...

I've always found that no matter how hot it is, a baby is more comfortable with at least a shirt on with the diaper. It keeps the skin from feeling so sticky, and also keeps it from sticking to things and making them cry. Hope your weather gets less muggy soon.