09 July 2008


Every kid has to have her first major accident, and Sariah had hers today. Wednesday morning is our ward playgroup and the weather was so nice so Sariah and I headed out to the park in Verona where we met. She was having a really good time climbing with the other kids, playing in the sand, etc. She's quite fearless and a monkey (her nickname suits her!) and she's really good on the playscapes (usually.)

So she was crossing the bridge on the playground and playing with some other kids, but she wasn't getting anywhere where I would be concerned, so I was keeping one eye on her and having a conversation with another one of the mommies, when the other mom noticed that it seemed that Sariah had fallen off one of the platforms. I turn around and sure enough, she's on the ground. It happened so quick! I think she got the wind knocked out of her, and I'm sure it scared her, so she didn't start crying till I picked her up.

I cuddled her for a bit and she seamed to be better, she even got upset when I thought we should probably leave. It wasn't until we got home, and I got her out of the car to walk into the house that I noticed she was favoring one of her legs. She kinda shuffled into the house and then I picked her up and carried her upstairs. Sure enough, she wouldn't put any weight on her right ankle/foot. This was not good.

The next step was to put a tired Sariah down for a nap. Meanwhile I called the doctor and got an appointment with urgent care for 3:30. We picked Doug up on the way.

Long story short. They did an x-ray but the doctor wasn't 100% sure there wasn't a break. She's pretty sure though, so she gave us an ace bandage for her foot and told us to help her take it easy for a couple of days, but we should check back w/ our Peditrician the next day and make sure the radiology report verified this. There was a tiny line on the x-ray but it could've also been a blood vessel. The dr. also said that little kids are kinda like jello, and she should bounce back pretty easily.

EDIT TO ADD: I just got the report back this morning (Hurray for MyChart!) And there are no breaks! Yay! It still pretty sore & she won't put weight on it, but she should be okay.)

So here's Sariah's poor bandaged foot.
It makes her a little less mobile, but she's really not that concerned.
She's still getting around and climbing all over, so I take that as a good sign.
She's taking it pretty well.

We don't call her our monkey for nothing. ;)


Lisa said...

I actually shocked that Joseph's gotten off with nothing worse than a 1/4" scar, because he does the same thing. It's a little scary, but kids do bounce back pretty fast. Craig's son, Will, burned his hand pretty bad on a curling iron (one week after falling into his grandparents' pool), but with some bandaging and a bunch of ointments he was fine. It's one of the bonuses of being young, I guess. All that growth comes with fast healing.

Susan said...

Oh good! I'm glad it's not broken. She's seems to be getting around pretty well. :)

Susan said...

Hey Marin - I saw on your book list that you've read The Boleyn Inheritance. Is it any good? Any other books you've read recently that you could recommend?

Jenny said...

I'm glad her ankle isn't broken. Did she calm down for you last night? I'm sorry I wasn't more help. I hope she's happier for you today.