26 July 2008

At the Beach

There are some very nice local beaches around the lakes in our area. Thursday we went with a couple of friends to the closest one.

Sariah has never been in water she could just wade in like this. She thought it was awesome. She was so fearless and just waded in! She got a little nervous when the "tide" pushed her over early on, but she got use to it quick and was quite the trouper. It was tons of fun, but I don't know if we'll go again soon, I can do without the sand in her hair, and she swallowed some of the water, which gave her some gnarly diapers.

She's such a brave girl; I think she's just wonderful. ;)


Alan and Denise said...

She is just wonderful! Glad you had a good time, and she enjoyed the water. It looks cool and refreshing.

Susan said...

I think Sariah's wonderful too! Cute pictures. And she's probably braver than me too. When I was young I used to be fearless. Not anymore.

Susan said...

So I just saw the whole library/restricted section titles you have for the blogs. It's probably been that way for awhile but I've been using Google Reader. Anyways, I think that's funny. Chris does too. Our blog is in the Restricted Section! :)