01 July 2008

Swim Lessons: Day 6

Another day of swim lessons. Nothing really new to report. Sariah is still doing well, although she's shyed away from jumping off the edge. I think it's because the water is pretty cold, then getting out is even colder, then she has to get back in the cold water. It makes her shiver.

I took some pics in the locker room before we went out this morning. Here's Sariah waiting for me to finish putting our stuff in our locker. Now she's wondering what all the other kids are squealing about.
Now she's playing in the shower area.
She thinks the showers are pretty cool, too.
In other news, we had to go back to the car service shop today because my a/c stopped working again. After almost 2 hrs of waiting, it turns out the my a/c is cracked in a very bad place and has to be totally replaced. Total cost? Almost $900. (Thanks Jason.) So I'm undecided if we're actually going to fix it right now. We're really trying to save some money and have other costs coming up in Aug/Sept/Oct.

Meanwhile, Sariah is over tired. She was really tired after swimming and waiting around, and now she's gone on a nap strike. She's been in her room for an hour now crying. I don't know what to do. I think I need a nap. :(

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Lisa said...

Elena has that swimsuit! I gave her the choice of brown with dots or white with cherries and she chose brown. So dang cute--I love Target.

Sorry for the a/c. I've totally been there & really feel for you.