02 July 2008

Swim Lessons: Day 7

Our Penultimate Day of swim lessons was today! We were there a little early, so I took the time to take a couple pics of Sariah in her other swim suit. In case you were wondering, this one was my choice, but she wanted the brown one. (as opposed to a plaid pink one that was also pretty cute.)
Sariah and I are at war today. It a war to see who can be most stubborn. There are no winners in this war, only losers. And we've graduated from saying "no!" to everything. Now she says "No WAY!" Its quite fun. Regardless, swimming was okay today. Sariah refused to follow the teacher, or to look at me, or to do anything that everyone else was doing. On the other hand, she thinks she can swim all by herself, and she sure tried to swim away from me several times. One day she's just going to do it, and won't we be impressed? But don't worry, I won't let her drown.

After swim lessons we tried to go to playgroup and I would've taken some pictures there if it hasn't started pouring rain about 10 min. after we got there. So I scooped a screaming Sariah up ("NO WAY, NO WAY!!!") and ran for the car. Its a shame too, because it was the best park for Sariah sized kids that we've been to all Summer. I set her down to unlock the car and she made a brake for it. I'm talking a full out, (Monty Python)RUN AWAY! and finally stopped about 15 feet from me after I managed to throw our bags in the car. (Meanwhile my phone is ringing and I'm trying to make sure Sariah doesn't run into the street, its raining and I accidentally hung up, so, sorry whoever that was.) So she's scowling at me because I'm ruining all her fun, and I pick her back up and finally get her into her car seat.

Luckily, all this wore her out, so after lunch she went quietly to nap (for the first time in like 3 days!) We had to move her bed away from the window or all she does is stare out of it instead of sleep.

So its been a crazy morning! I hope this afternoon is calmer. At least I get a girls night out tonight (we're going bowling...)

Oh, and since I'm feeling generous, here is my Apfelkuchen recipe. (Just for you Julie!)

APFELKUCHEN by Brueder Kuhrmeyer

250g Mehl
1/2 Paeckchen Backpulver
1 Paecken Puddingpulver (Vanille)
180g Zucker
1 Paeckchen Vanillinzucker
4 Eier
100g Milch
100g Oil (Pflanzlich)
120g Butter

Alle Zutaten bis auf Oil und Butter in einen Schuessel verreichen, Oil und Butter zusammen in eine Schuessel u. hitzen, bis die Butter fleissig ist, etwas abkuehlen lassen und mit den restliche zutaten verreichen und dann auf einem Blich glattsbeichen. Apfel klein schneichen und daraufstelen. Der Kuchen mit etwas Zimtzucker besbencn und bei 200C ca 30 min backen.

Viel Spass beim nachbacken un einen Guten Appetit!


Diana said...

Hmmm...this brings back fond memories of an adorable child I knew well about 26 or 27 years ago...the good news is that you will be saying the same thing to Sariah in about 25 years! Love you!

Julie said...

haha...funny...leaving it in german!!!!!es ist gut dass ich immer noch deutsch lesen kann!!

Alan & Denise said...

Sariah looks so cute showing off in her swimsuit. She's grown a lot since we last saw her.

Your Apfelkuchen recipe looks delicious, but since its in German, I'll stick with the recipe I have that I've already labored to translate into English. They look fairly similar, ingredient wise. I need to brush up on my German studies, or I soon won't remember enough to be very useful.
It was fun reading it in German, though.

Alma32 said...

das deutsche rezept ist lustig. vielleicht probiere ich es mal aus. Es hoert sich sehr lecker an.

Greetings from Germany!!