08 February 2009

Snow Day

Yesterday was the warmest day its been here in a long time (45, mmm warm...) and since the snow started melting, it was the perfect consitancy for snowman snow... I tried to get a picture of Sariah next to our snowman, but she kept running away. She wanted to play in the snow herself.

BTW, Sariah did have gloves on at the beginning, but she took them off when they got really wet. I'm a good parent, I promise!
I pulled out the snow shovels for a bit to clear off some melting ice, but Sariah's idea of helping is to put the snow from the lawn back on the driveway. Its not really that helpful.

Okay, I did get this picture, but I had to hold Sariah and the camera. Actually I think this was suppose to be a pic of all 3 of us...

After all the playing in the snow, we took a walk around the block, which turned out to be a mistake since snow melts into water & water collects at the bottom of sidewalks & driveways. Needless to say, our shoes & socks were quite wet, but we had fun (I only wore a sweatshirt & a long sleeved shirt, it was heavenly.) I'd like more of this please!

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Jenny said...

I love it when it gets that warm around here. Yesterday was about 50--I wore a short-sleeved shirt! It was heavenly... Too bad there's still several more months of winter here. I'll just have to take the warm days and make the best of them. It looks like you did!