02 February 2009

My Mom & Me in NYC: Friday

Ever ask yourself: Wanna get away? I did, about 3 weeks ago. So I started surfing around the travel sites and realized it was really reasonable to go to New York from here. So then I thought, who could I go to NY with? Thus birthing this idea: my Mom's birthday is at the end of Jan., we could go together for a girls weekend/birthday celebration. So after talking with Doug and Mom, and getting everything together, I now bring you our excellent trip to NY in 4 parts!

Friday: We had to get up before the break of dawn to get on airplanes to fly to NY. I had a nice flight, Mom was delayed at her stop over, but we were both at Laguardia airport by 1pm. We then took a taxi (scary!) to our hotel. The Washington Jefferson on 51st between 8th & 9th. I highly recommend this hotel if you decide to travel to NY. It was walking distance from practically everything we did, it was clean, we each had a twin bed, service was great, and the price is very reasonable for NY. It was truly awesome.

After we checked in we went searching for lunch and finally decided on a resturant called Pigalle, which was probably the worst food we had all trip, I don't really recommend it. After our non-appitizing lunch, we decided to walk around and were happy to find we were really close to broadway and Time Square. Mom in front of the ABC studios.
Me in front of the abc studios.
The New Years Eve ball.
Time Square is like a big outdoor mall, with evil cars that try and run you over if you get to close. We checked out the Hershey's store & ESPNZone then we walked across 42nd past Bryant Park where we could see the Crystler building in the distance.
We walked back up 5th past Rockafeller plaza.

We stopped in the Disney store there which was neat & finally ended up at FAO Schwarz, the giant 3 story toy store. Inside I bought Sariah some new wooden puzzles. They also had these awesome create your own Muppet (think build a bear, but with muppets.) I really wanted one, but the price tag was $130, definately out of my price range...
When we were done there, it was time to head back to the hotel to change to go to our broadway show. We were going to stop for some dinner, but we weren't really hungry since we had a late lunch. Our musical of choice was of course...
What can I say about Phantom on Broadway? Only that it was seriously cool. We had seen it over 10 years ago when it came through Austin, but this was way awesome. The sets & costumes seems a little fancier, probably because they don't have to tear them down & travel with them. The performers were excellent. It was a great choice.

We stopped on the walk back to the hotel (only 7 blocks or so!) at a Rite aid for some bottled water (NY tap water is seriously nasty) and something to eat the next morning for breakfast since we were getting up early. And thus ends our Friday adventures. Tune in for out next exciting installment!


Jenny said...


Jennifer said...

super fun, Maren! I want to go now. :)

Alan and Denise said...

Glad you had a fun time!

Julie & Daniel said...

Marin, fun trip! Great pictures! I just found your blog and added your name to mine if you don't mind. :)

Lisa said...

Yay for walking distance! It's so much fun to be able to look around at everything that's going on when you go from one place to another.

Super cool trip. I'm looking forward to the rest of the saga. :)

Richard said...

Sounds like a blast- I remember going with you to see PotO when it came to Austin (more than 10 years ago, seriously?). I also remember going off-roading on the way there because I-35 was jammed- thanks for the memories! Have fun!