03 February 2009

My Mom & Me in NYC: Saturday

When your hotel is only 14 blocks away from the Manhattan Temple, it is only logical that part of an awesome NYC trip should include a temple session. So Saturday morning we woke up and walked to catch the 10:15am session. The Temple is in a really neat place. Its a crazy intersection where Broadway meets Columbus meets 64th & 65th streets. Its diagonal from the Lincoln center. Then when you go in, you can't even tell you're in the middle of the city, its so quiet. Seriously Awesome.
After the session, we walked up and ate lunch at Il Violino, a little Italian Restaurant. They had these large windows around the outside that we sat next to and watch the city pass by. The food was amazing! It was seriously the best meal we had all weekend. We highly recommend this restaurant if you're hungry after a session.
After lunch we walked back to the hotel to change clothes. There was a lady selling cookies & breads that we stopped at on the way back, and I bought a really tasty black & white cookies.

In the afternoon we took a stroll through Central Park on our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Central park was really cool. Sure it was January and there was snow & ice all round, but it was a really neat walk.
Here's mom outside the museum.
The Met is huge!!! We spent several hours and really only saw half of the upstairs exhibits. We didn't even see what was downstairs. We saw the Love in the Renaissance, impressionist painting (including the Van Gogh's which I was really excited about) and most of the Chinese, Korean & Japanese arts. After all that, we had done a whole lot of walking, and we were pretty sore & tired, so we went down to the cafateria and ate a not really great dinner.
After dinner we decided to head back and stop at the 3 story M&M store on broadway. The best thing there was a T-shirt that had the red M&M dressed as the Phantom "The Candy of the Opera", very cute! Then we hobbled back to the hotel.

Saturday was a great day... :) Stay tuned for our next installment!

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Jenny said...

I've always wondered what the Manhattan temple was like. That's neat that you got to do a session there.