27 February 2009

Goings On

There are lots of excuses I could give you for why I haven't given ya'll a really interesting blog to read lately... We've been sick, I've been distracted, etc. So here's some other semi-intersting things going on here:

1. The 10 lbs. in 6 weeks blog has really taken off. We're at the end of our second week and I am thrilled with the response & everybody's progress. I wasn't sure when I started it if it was going to be worth trying, but I'm thankful for everybody's participation. Everybody's keeping me motivated as well. I've now lost 26 lbs. and weigh 5 lbs less than I did when I got pregnant was Sariah (only 7 more lbs. to get down to my pre-wedding weight). Unfairly, I still can't get into those pre-pregnancy pants, but we're getting there.

2. I don't like to talk politics on my blog, but I will say there are things going on here locally that make me angry. (I'm looking at you Kathleen Falk & your awful rail project, among other things.) Some of you know that I'm addicted to conservitave talk radio, and I love the local lady, Vicki McKenna, who's planning a rally on April 15th at the capital against the wasteful spending going on right under our noes. I think I'm actually going to go.

3. I'm hesitant to post this, lest it all implodes under me (which usually happens to things after I write about them) but here I go. My house has been clean for 2 weeks. This is a huge accomplishment for me. My mom would know, I'm a messy gal. But I think I've finally got a simple system that will keep the house clean, but let us keep our weekends free for family fun. Mondays: Laundry
Tuesdays: Bathrooms
Wednesday: Dust/Vacuum
Thursday: Kitchen
Of course things like the dishes & picking up toys/books, gets done daily, but I'm finding the houe stays clean & I have more time to spend with Sariah and doing my crafts. Speaking of Sariah, she likes to help me clean. She's a great duster, she cleans mirrors, and she even tried to scrub the tub. I hope she will always like to help Mommy, but I doubt it! Now that I've written this, lets hope I don't drop the ball next week...

4. Fun things Sariah Says:

Hi Mommy!
Mommy hug.
I walking round.
Daddy work/shower/shovel snow?
I milk/chicken nugget/Banane?
George all done.
Big girl sad/happy.
I watch george.
I not big girl, I baby.
One, two, three, nine, ten.

She knows lots more words, but these are the common phrases. She likes to count, she knows lots of her colors. She has started repeating the words we read to her at bedtime. She LOVES Curious George on tv & in books. We always have to read a George book after scriptures at nap time. She's quite the picky eater now. I have a hard time getting her to eat veggies. If she had her way she'd live on cheerios & milk, eggs, cheese, applesauce, & cookies. She still throws tantrums, but she a lot of fun now that she can communicate better. She's really getting into storytime. Today we painted with chocolate pudding (they were paintings spots on giraffes) and she loved it.

5. Here are some recent pictures we've taken. I've got some good videos that I should probably try and post, but for now here are the pics...

Sariah on Valentine's Day
The cookies we made for neighbors & friends
I made all these tags, just another example how I made easy things complicated.
We used heart cookie cutters & I got these cute X & O cutters from Target.
Last Sat. Mom & Big Girl hanging out in bed. If you look closely, you can see my grey hair...
Daddy made her this "space helmet."
Daddy wearing the "space helmet."
Sariah decides she rather not see Daddy in the "space helmet."


Jenny said...

Heehee! Nice space helmet, Doug. I can't say I blame Sariah. :)

Amber and The Boys said...

Wow Marin! That weight loss is amazing! I am impressed!

Charles J Gervasi said...

there are things going on here locally that make me angry.
Some of you know that I'm addicted to conservative talk radio

Partisan talk radio is designed to get people worked up and keep tuning in. I urge you to listen to some WI Public Radio on 970AM for some talk that attempts to be non-partisan.

I've met Kathleen Falk. She is a good person. If you went to one of her events and told her your concerns, she would listen. You guys still might disagree on policy, but you would be less angry.

Marin said...


I appreciate your comments. Allow me to explain. I listen to conservative talk radio because I agree with them. I'm probably even a bit more conservative then radio hosts, which is hard in such a liberal town. But everyone is allowed their own opinion right? Plus, I don't have to listen to the radio to be outraged at the spending and expanding of the government her locally and nationally. Angry is maybe a strong word, but its hard not to feel frustrated when you realize that yours is a very small voice that isn't being heard.

This is why I don't talk politics on my blog. I'm not looking for a debate on Kathleen Falk or anything else. I'll was just looking to share with family & friends what I am passionate about lately.

Diana said...

I like your cleaning schedule. It's a good idea that I am going to try myself!
Cute valentine picture of Sariah! I want her to be my valentine!
Cool space helmet! Way to go Doug!