19 November 2007

One Year Stats

Height: 28" (20%)
Weight: 17lbs 8.5oz (5%)

I called it, at one year, she hasn't even doubled her birth weight! She has gained weight, but her percentile dropped from 12 to 5 (which isn't a big deal.) Dr. Lo said that if we were worried we could come in again in 6 weeks, but since she is gaining weight, I'm not too worried. :) She's just a little jelly bean. He did say that she's actually pretty advanced for her age in all other ways.

She got 4 shots today, which she wasn't so happy about, but she did okay. We gave her some tylanol when we got home and she's taking a nap now.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Wow! She's tiny but cute. :)