17 November 2007

A Party Fit For A Monkey Girl...

Banana Birthday Sign? Check!

Cute Yellow & Pink Monkey/Jungle Decorations?


Cute Monkey Head Smash Cake, Just for Sariah?


Banana Cake with Monkey Decoration for Everyone Else?


Tons of Presents! (Thank You Everybody!)


"Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday, Dear Sariah! Happy Birthday to You!"mmm.... monkey brains!
Hey! I'm a mess!That's Better! "Thanks for the Great Birthday Everybody!"
(To see all 106(!) pictures of Sariah's birthday: http://community.webshots.com/album/561470482XhzcLs?vhost=community)


Andrea said...

That's a pretty good sized cake for a one year old. I guess you need that much since most of it ended up on her face anyway. Very cute!

Jenny said...

Absolutely adorable everything! I looooove Sariah's monkey cake. How did you make the ears and everything? I'm impressed! And Sariah is sooo cute. Everything's better chocolate covered, right? She's adorable with that cake all over her face!

Marin said...

I baked the main part of the monkey cake in a little metal bowl & the ears are just a mini cupcake that I cut off the fluffy top and then cut in half & used frosting to attach to the head. Its a smaller version of a martha stewart cake I saw while I was pregnant. (Yes I've been planning it this long!)

Mary said...

Looks like it was a fun day!