06 September 2007


I was checking my email this morning and Sariah was in my lap, grabbing at stuff on the desk. She grabbed a pen and my visa card (that is in a cc cover) and I set her down on the ground to play. Well she's in bed now and I found the pen, my drivers licence, my cell phone (other things she's played with) and the credit card cover, but no visa card! I have no clue what she's done with it. I've even got down and crawled around where she was playing, and I still can't find it. Only 9 months old and she's started a life of crime....

Edited to add: She's a sneaky little theif, but Doug finally found it! You'll never guess where...

Yup, that's INSIDE the computer. Somehow she slid it through the casing... I don't know HOW, but she did... We had to lift up the computer to get it out. The only way we found it was to flash a light at it, even then it took me awhile to find it because both the card and comp. are silver... Impressive, yes?

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Mary said...

That is the first place we would have looked here based on our experiences.

The first couple of months we lived here we kept losing cds and we couldn't figure out where they had gone to. Margaret liked to pull them out of the cd drive in our computer (she knows how to open it and close it) and then play with them.

So, I got the great idea of putting a blank cd in there, watching her take it out, and then seeing where she put it.

The sweet girl tried to put it back in the computer without opening the drive and stuck it inside the computer underneath the drive. When John got home he opened the computer up and we found three cds total under the two drives! Luckily none of them were scratched.

Two nights ago we couldn't find a dvd that had been on our bookcase. As I was changing the sheets on our bed this morning I found it tucked underneath the mattress. Babies sure can be sneaky sometimes. :)