03 September 2007

Give a helping hand...

I'm not much of a home body as my friends might now. Don't get me wrong, I love being a stay at home mom, but some day I just want to pack Sariah up and go somewhere, ANYWHERE! Which was the exact feeling I had Friday.

I guess I should start this story at the beginning, now that I've started typing. Thursday morning, Doug sweetly decided he was going to take the manual car to work instead of the automatic. Normally, I don't mind that Doug takes the automatic, since he's uncomforable with the manual, but I was going out later with the Sister Missionaries and the manual only had two doors and no a/c. So Doug took the manual, which was sweet of him.

Well about 10 min. after Doug left for work I get a phone call. The car has made a bad noise and now won't shift into gear. This is something I can't diagnose over the phone, so Sariah and I hop into the other car and drive over there. (Fortuantly he managed to get to the side of the frontage road, so he wasn't in heavy traffic or anything before the car really died.) Turns out the clutch is in tiny pieces, but it broke right near a auto repair shop. So now we're down one car for the time being.

I droped Doug off at work and went home, gave Sariah a late nap. She woke, and later we drove the Sisters to Verona and met with my friend Petey, who I love to bits. She was the first person we ever met here in Wisconsin. She was our downstairs neighbor when we lived in Verona, and the best, kindest, most generous person. I was happy to introduce her to the sisters.

They stayed in Verona, Sariah and I went back home and she had another late nap. Then we picked Doug up from work. After dinner, I went back out to Verona and did a Joint Teach with the Sisters. Totally cool. We have great Sister Missionaries. I'll post about them another time.
So Friday rolls around. We drop Doug off at work. Sariah takes a late morning nap. Then I had a doctors appointment. On the way back from that I didn't want to go home. I kept thinking that there was something else I gotta do. I thought about going to the store, even though there was nothing I needed. I tried to call my friend, Jess, but she wasn't home. Just as I'm about to give up, my friend Michelle calls. She's almost reduced to tears. They're trying to move out of their apartment and get everything cleaned up in the next two hours, but they have little kids underfoot getting in the way.... I'm there!

The great thing was I had already packed Sariah a lunch. So I was able to get there in 15 min. and take the kids to the nice tv room in the complex to watch some PBS so the grown ups could finish. I had Alexander, who's one, Sariah, and Henry who's 5 months. Here's a pic of Alex and Sariah that I took on my cell phone. Sorry its not a great pic, but they were playing so cute right before I took this.
Alex was pretty upset at me for awhile because he was tired and I took him away from his mommy, but he settled down and played a bit. He finally passed out on the floor and took a nap. Henry hung out in his stroller for a while, but then he got fussy (fortunately after Alex fell asleep.) So I held him and Sariah on my lap. Sariah did get a big jealous when I cuddled the other two. At one point I was calming Alex down and she crawled over and tugged at my shoulder. Poor baby!
So all in all I learned I can handle 3 little ones at once, as long as its nap time! And it was a lifesaver for Michelle and co. I know that moving can be stressful.
So after those couple of days, the weekend was pretty quiet. So quiet, that I can't even remember what we did on Sat. I guess it doesn't help that both Doug and Sariah are sick. Our poor little baby has a cough and the sneezes and a runny/stuffy nose. She probably has a headache too because that's what Doug's got. So she's extra cuddly and cranky. So today we relaxed at home for the holiday. Doug did mow the lawn and I worked on cleaning out what will eventually be Sariah's room (I've got big plans for that room... mwahahaha!)
Okay, this was a huge post... sorry...

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