27 August 2007

Sariah's 9 Month Stats

Height: 26.5 in (9th %)
Weight: 16 lbs. 8 oz. (12th %)

Our itty bitty, continues to be itty bitty! But she is growing and she's healthy, so everything is fine! Its actually good because we can still get lots of use out of our Infant carrier car seat, which will be easier to travel with in the coming months. She's so itty bitty cute!


Lisa said...

The clothes last night unto forever, too, which is always nice.

Andrea said...

Jakob is 11 weeks and already weighs 13 lbs. 6 oz. and 24 inches. WOW! She IS tiny!

Mary said...

Wow! She really is itty bitty.

Susan said...

I'm glad you liked the wedding pictures. I thought the bridesmaid dresses went really well with everything. As far as how they look in person, it looks a bit too sequiny for my taste since every inch is literally covered in sequins. But like I said, it worked perfect for the wedding.