06 August 2007

Doug turns a Quarter of a Century!

"Hey Mommy.... what's going on?"

" It's Daddy's Birthday!"

Doug turned 25 years old on Sunday. It was a really nice day. I let him sleep in and then he opened presents. After church we had a dinner of Noodles Romanoff, a childhood favorite of his. I also made a Triple Chocolate Ice Cream cake....
I'm very proud of this cake, its two layers of Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake with a middle layer of chocolate ice cream and topped w/ Triple Chocolate Fudge Chunk Frosting. Totally Healthy... *wink*. If you look closely you can see where I wrote "Happy Birthday Doug" in the frosting.


Jan A said...

Happy Birthday Doug. Hope you had a great one.

Andrea said...

I'm impressed!