22 April 2010

Hard Work

Do you wonder what Doug does at work all day? Well he makes pretty pictures like this one with stickers, of course!
Okay, not really. Actually Sariah put the stickers on that picture. But she did do it at Doug's work place because today was take your child to work day. Oh how I love this event. The reality of it is that they do nothing that's actually like work, but the kids come and they get food, make crafts & get fun stuff to take home. (And I get some time off, or in this year's case with just the baby!)

I asked Doug if they had some sort of safari theme this year to the event, but he said no, even though it sure seems like it to me! They got their picture taken in front of this toucan.

There was the prerequisite snacks and treats. Sariah enjoyed some tasty cheese curds & ice cream.I think she rocks this look, don't you?
They also decorated fun masks. Sariah also rocks this look.
It was very enjoyable daddy/daughter time! Its also probably the best two hours of work for Doug every year!


Susan said...

Looks like a fun day. And nice beard, Doug! :)

Jenny said...

Fun! Doug's office does Take Your Child to Work Day well!

Alan and Denise said...

Strange. I commented on this post the day you wrote it--and haven't looked at the comments since, because there was only one and I figured it was mine. Now I see that mine isn't even here. Wonder where it went. Anyway, Sariah looks like she had a lot of fun!