02 April 2010

A long time coming...

This post has taken a long time to actually get moving, but after 2 (!) consecutive night of 8+ hrs of sleep, my brain has (sort of) come out of the fog. So here's what's up with us.

We've had 2 weeks of seasonably warm weather. Its been nice to get back outside again and feel the warm sunshine. The snow has all melted and the grass is getting green again. The flowers that I planted 3 years ago are coming up again, even though I keep thinking I've dug them all up (I'm planning on putting bushes where they are eventually.)

Two Mondays ago we all headed over to the park for the first time this year. There were 2 little boys playing there as well, and Sariah made friends. The three of them got on the tire swing and spun around for what seemed like a good 10 minutes. When she finally got off, she came over and cried "Mommy, I need Bryson's burp cloth!" Poor thing had made herself sick. I made her sit down and Doug had to take her home.

Also last week I took both cars to get serviced. We dropped off Doug's car off, but we waited when I serviced mine. While Sariah, Bryson and I waited, one of the men that work there started making a new pot of coffee. Sariah asked me what that noise was and when I told her she asked if she could have some coffee, too. This lead to a short conversation about how we don't drink coffee, and I asked her if she would like to learn more about the word of wisdom that night at family home evening. She said she did. That evening I told Doug that our lesson needed to be on the word of wisdom. I figured we'd just show her some pictures of what was good & what was bad to put in our bodies, but to my surprise, Doug pulled out D&C 89 and we all read from the scriptures and explained the verses to her. Even more surprising was that she sat and listened and comprehended what we were talking about! It was a faith building experience for me to know that we can teach our kids straight out of the scriptures, no matter how young they are.

So back to being outside... I just tuned up my bike and bought a new bike helmet. Sariah was also insistent that he have a helmet, too, and since I thought it would be good to get her use to wearing one while biking, I acquiesced. Isn't she cute? She's getting really good on her tricycle, too. Hopefully this is the year she actually rides it through the whole 4th of July parade.
Bryson is enjoying the great outdoors as well, sleeping in it anyways.
Actually, lately, Bryson has proved that he can sleep about anywhere.

I took him to his very first baby story time on Monday. I had just fed him before hand and he did a very good job listening and "participating." The weird thing was, just as the stories and songs were finished, he fell asleep in my lap. So I moved him to the floor and he laid there while everyone else played around him. I guess all that listening took it out of him. :)

He has gotten more smiley though. He gave his first smile to grandpa, but every once in awhile I get one after naps or meals. I finally managed to catch one on camera, but this isn't one of his best...
I love little boy outfits! This is another I find so cute, with the tail on the booty.Bryson helps make it even cuter.

We're looking forward to Easter & General Conference this weekend. In fact were off to the annual library egg hunt this morning, and I might get pictures if I can find where Sariah hid the small camera. :)

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Alan and Denise said...

Yes, he is indeed cute! And isn't it nice to be able to get outside again. I'm glad you have all been able to enjoy the park and bikes. Tell Sariah she looks cute in her bike helmet.