13 May 2010

4 Months

Did you know Bryson is related to Italian Plumbers from Brooklyn*? Yup, he's growing that mustache quite quickly... ;)

But seriously! We're happy to report that Bryson has made it to 4 months old! He's pretty happy, too.
Bryson has quite the personality. He wakes up every morning so happy to see us & for 30 minutes he's all smiles. But then he's down to business & its time for breakfast. Breakfast is followed by some sleepy time and our day goes from there depending on what's on schedule for Sariah that day. He usually takes an afternoon snooze as well. We're not really good at sleeping only in his crib during the day. Often naps are taken in the car seat as we zoom around town, or in his swing, which he is rapidly out growing. He has a definite grumpy time in the evening before bed, usually coinciding with dinner and Sariah's bed time routine. Then its to bed for the evening, though its guaranteed that he'll wake again in the middle of the night at least once, if not twice. If I'm lucky, he'll sleep till 4:30 before he wakes, but that's not often the case.

His vision has gotten better, and just in the last two weeks he's finally following things with his eyes. He's found some of his toys, and definitely his hands. Bryson's favorite things are hands, his hands, my hands, Daddy's hands. They all end up in Bryson's mouth several times a day.

Other Bryson Four Month Fun Facts:

-He likes his tummy time. He likes to lift that head up and look around. Yesterday he even pushed himself forward off his elbows and moved 4 inches or so, but it def. startled him. I don't think he really knows what to do with those arms yet. He was getting really good at the rolling from tummy to back, but he's stopped for now, probably to learn something else.

-He likes playing with his sister & daddy. Sariah will often roll the ball to him and Daddy, who with help Bryson kick the ball back to Sister. Its quite cute. They also enjoy a good game of chase, as long as Daddy is helping Bryson "get" Sariah.

-He likes to stand up. He can't do it on his own, but he much prefers it if someone will help him stand up. He's a strong little guy!

-He loves church. He is usually the most quietest, the calmest, and eats the best when we're at church. It almost makes me wish we went to church everyday.

-He's got a Drs. appt. on the 19th, so I'll check back then, but he's a big little guy! I'm pretty sure he's at least 17 lbs. In comparison, Sariah wasn't 17 lbs until she was almost 13 months.

We sure love having Bryson around!

*in case it was unclear, I was talking about the Super Mario Brothers


Alan and Denise said...

We love hearing how Bryson's doing! It's great he's happy and enjoying discovering his hands, etc. He looks like he's doing very well.

Jenny said...

He's certainly a cutie pie! Happy 4 months, Bryson!

Susan said...

Happy 4, Bryson! Evaline liked church a lot too in the beginning. There was so much to look at that she just sat in our laps and stared at everything. Now she wants to touch everything and it's a 3 hour battle (with limited reinforcements from daddy...). I wish we could see Bryson while he's still little!

Sarah said...

Dang, Marin, you make the cutest babies ever!!!!!! And I love the toy timeout idea- so creative!