13 March 2010

2 Months!

Hello Handsome!Bryson had his 2 month checkup yesterday and his stats are as follows:

Height: 23" (56%)
Weight: 13 lbs 12.5 oz (92%)

He's one solid little boy! Its actually a little unnerving for me, I'm use to a baby that was a little waif of a thing, but this kid is already growing out of his clothes. He's already in mostly 3-6 month (or 6 month depending on the brand) clothing. When he gains another pound and a half he'll be half Sariah's weight!

We've also started using the cloth diapers again. Check out this cute little booty!
Cloth diapers on a baby are much different than on a toddler. First off, he def. has to be changed every 3 hrs or he pees out of them and we get wet onesies. Plus, since we use adjustable size diapers, they kind of give him a big booty. But, they're still really easy to use, and we don't have to spray them off because breastfeed poop is water solvable, so their so easy!

Other interesting (or not so interesting) Bryson facts:

Based on weight, we've upped his dosage of reflux medicine. I can already see a difference. He's way less fussy, which is nice.

I'm also crossing my fingers that we're turning the sleep corner. He (amazingly) did 8 hrs two nights ago, and last night he went about 6, had a feeding at 3:45, and went right back to sleep, had a feeding at 7:30 and while Sariah and Doug went to the pool, Bryson and I took another nap. It was heavenly...
We've gotten him to smile only 3 times. His first smile was for Grandpa, but I finally got one Thursday and one today. He seems to be a serious little boy.
And this isn't a great picture, but if you look inside the circle, you'll see the beginning of his first tooth! I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. It hasn't totally broken through yet, but I'm sure it will soon.
He's an inquisitive little boy, and really likes to study his surroundings. And he's so tolerant of his big sister. He's pretty strong, too, although he's not very fond of the tummy time. He's also not that interested in any of his toys either, but its still early. We're looking forward to seeing more of his emerging personality!


Alan and Denise said...

He's still a cutie! Doug was a serous baby as well--harder to get those smiles out. :)

Jenny said...

He's SO cute! I love the picture of him yawning. And, wow, a tooth already showing at 2 months?!

Susan said...

A tooth? Wow! Talk about ahead of the game. He's such a beautiful little boy.