15 December 2009

Potty Perfect

One of the things I've actually dreaded as a parent was potty training. We've been working on it (sort of) for months, mostly in the hypothetical (reading books about it, some times wearing panties, sitting on the potty just because, etc.) It hasn't been until the last couple of days ago though that its really clicked for Sariah. At her 3 yr. check up, our Dr. suggested we let her sit on the potty at her bedtime diaper change, just for practice. So we came up with the potty chart. When she sat on the potty but didn't use it, she got high fives & positive encouragement. If she actually used the potty, she got 1 sticker for pee & 2 for poop. Just Monday, I think it all clicked for her. She wore panties all day, stayed dry & earned at least 8 stickers. Today she earned her last 3 so we gave her a special prize, another My Little Pony.

Would I say she's potty trained? Probably not. She's got the peeing thing down. We even went out to lunch today and she stayed dry. But she had a poop accident this morning (thankfully while I was at the doctors, so poor Doug had to clean it up.) Are we making progress? Most definitely. I see light at the end of the tunnel, and just when I had resigned myself to having 2 in diapers, now I think she's going to be just fine. :) Yay Sariah!


Amber and The Boys said...

I think about 2 weeks is the magic amount of time it has taken for my kids to really get the hang of it. Of course Sariah is a girl and she is older so I bet it will take her even less time! I would say you are almost in the clear!

Jenny said...

Good job, Sariah!

Lisa said...

Yay Sariah!!! That's awesome, sweet girl!

For the longest time, Joseph would be pretty good about keeping his undies dry, but was *always* forgetting to keep them dry. He spent forever in long shirts with a naked rear. We eased him back into underpants a couple weeks ago, though, because I was sick of seeing naked boy all the time. Then, last week, I realized that he hadn't had dirty pants in days. He was taking care of it every time all by himself no matter where we were. Now, we still have to remind him (take him) to use the potty every 20 minutes (or so it seems, it's probably only once an hour) while we're out if we want dry pants, but at least those are much easier to deal with if he slips.

Susan said...

Way to go, Sariah!