23 December 2009

36 Weeks

One of our pregnancy traditions is to take a picture of Doug and I together that's placed in the baby's room. We took Sariah's picture at 32 weeks in Sept. 2006. It was a warm, sunny day & we took a neat picture near a small lake by our apartment. Fast forward to this pregnancy. I couldn't wait until 32 weeks so we could take another picture. 32 weeks was the day before Thanksgiving, so we decided that we'd take the picture on Thanksgiving. The best laid plans...

The night before Thanksgiving, I caught a nasty stomach bug & spent the entire night vomiting. In fact, I vomited so hard I gave myself a bloody nose and broke half the blood vessels in my face. It looked like a pretty nasty rash. Needless to say, Thanksgiving had to be postponed and so did our picture. In fact we had to wait 2 or 3 weeks for my face to heal, so we put it off and put it off, but today, at 36 weeks, I give you our couple's picture...
Its a little harder to take an outside picture in Dec. esp when we've already had more than a foot & a half of snow, but ultimately we decided just to go for it because the indoor pictures we tried were kind of bland. I think they turned out pretty good, though. :)

So here we are at 36 weeks! I know I haven't posted many pregnancy updates, mostly because it really has been an uneventful pregnancy. Totally different than my first one. I remember with Sariah at 36 weeks I was so ready for it all to be over, in fact I distinctly remember begging Doug to forget this whole "baby thing" and just go get a cat instead. (In my defense, the humane society was having free cat adoptions at the time, and it sounded very appealing.)

This time I haven't gained as much weight, and I've been sleeping with a pregnancy pillow, so I'm feeling pretty good. My hips are hurting a little, but nothing some warm rice packs don't solve. I've been have some Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing to terrible. Sometimes it hurts to walk or stand, but if I slow down & drink some water I'm great.

Baby is also doing well. He's more active in the afternoon & esp. evenings until I fall asleep. Here's my uneducated guess, but I don't think the little stinker is head down at all. The kicks are low & in odd places. He also didn't get any hiccups until 32 weeks, and when he does get them, they're not felt on top of my belly but against my hip, mostly the left, but sometime the right. We'll know for certain between my next two appointments, since we'll be having another ultrasound then.

Sariah's so excited for the baby to come. She's already started bossing him around. Just yesterday she told me she had to talk to brother & then she said, "Bryson, don't kick Mommy!"

Last night we took her on the sibling tour at the hospital so she could see the room where babies are delivered & where she'll get to meet her little brother for the first time. They also got to meet a 2 day old baby. She was this beautiful little thing with lots of dark hair. Very cute. Sariah got very sad when they took the baby back to her mommy.

Being back in the L&D rooms brought back lots of memories & a bit of anxiety. I can't believe how fast we're coming up on this little guy's due date! We're really excited thought. Its going to be great to be a family of 4. We're also really excited for first Doug's mom & then my mom to come visit. Right now though, were going to enjoy our quite Christmas & New Years. We hope yours is fantastic as well!


Sarah said...

Marin, I am SO JEALOUS! Your pics are so adorable, too! The snow makes it look so pristine. I chuckled a little because I'm sure the camera didn't catch you guys shivering out there in the snow, freezing your tushes off :) Very cute pictures. I hope that Bryson comes right when you want him to come, and that he makes a quiet and quick entrance into the world instead of a kicking & screaming the whole way entrance :) Best of luck! You're in my thoughts!

Jenny said...

The snowy landscape makes for a beautiful background--definitely a good location choice!

Good luck with the last few weeks!