16 December 2009

Meeting Santa... Take 2

(I guess this is actually take 3, since we saw Santa at the Ward Party, but we didn't have a camera then...)

The Library always has the best Santa. Plus they have the added benefit of the evening story time. So we came early, met Santa, played for awhile then attended story time full of Christmas stories, Jingle Bells, a puppet show & Sariah's favorite: a short movie, which is usually an adaptation of a book, this time The Night Before Christmas. She loves saying the magic word (abracadabra) and seeing the screen for the projector come down. It was a packed house, but a lot of fun!


Alan and Denise said...

Looks like a lot of fun, though Sariah obviously thinks Santa is still just a bit scary.

Jenny said...

Yay for Santa fun. As soon as I can scan in pics I'll be posting our Santa fun, too.