25 March 2009

Random Quandries

1. I just bought a Sansa clip 2GB MP3 player at Target. It was on sale (so I saved like $3, woo hoo), and I wanted something small for music when I take walks outside now that its getting warmer. (I need a beat to keep moving fast.) But I haven't removed it from the packaging yet because I wanted to check the reviews online, just to make sure. Well I noticed that I can get it for like $10 cheaper on amazon (and I bought red, but I kinda wanted blue). So do I return it to Target and buy it on amazon to save a bit of money but have to wait around till it ships to me, or do I just keep the one I've got now and not worry about the hassle.

Also, would it make a difference if I could get the 4GB one from amazon for exactly what I paid for the 2GB? I don't really think I need all that extra space, but I guess it wouldn't hurt?

2. Why do pillows have to be so difficult to buy? They're a nessasary elemant to sleeping, so I'm picky about them. And I've always slept with 2 because my head has to be at a certain angle or I can't sleep. But after awhile they go all flat, and I hate that. Here's whey my quest for the perfect pillow meets me frugality. I don't want to pay a lot for a stinkin' pillow! I've always wanted to try one of those memory foam pillows, but spend $35 for one pillow? No thank you. Target has pillows on sale right now, but if I only spend $8 for a pillow, is it going to be unusable after 6 months? Sigh...

3. Speaking of Target (can you tell I was just there?) They always have the cutest things. Like their dishes, so cute! But their sets are either really heavy so Sariah wouldn't be able to use them, or they're those plastic ones that you can't microwave or stick in the dishwasher unless its the top rack (& my top rack isn't that big!) I hate non-microwavable dishes! What about leftovers!! I wish they'd just make some non-breakable, microwavable, dishwasherable, light-weight, cute dishes... is that so much to ask? (For the record, I have a set of dishes that are just that, that we got at Wal-mart, and I do like them for now.)

4.Pants. Seriously folks, I don't want to spend $60 on them, but I wish they'd fit right. Right now I'm in between sizes, so the larger size is falling off, but the smaller size is too small. And everything seems baggy in the hips/thighs. I've been searching for new Summer capris; its not going well. Maybe I'll just have to wait a couple of months and see what size I am then. But seriously, why do they think that I want to pay and arm and a leg for an article of clothing? And I can't stand to pay more than $4 a piece of kids clothing. That's why Sariah has 2 closets, one for things that fit now and one for things that'll fit later but I bought seriously cheap.

5. Why do they make it so hard to figure out which software works with Vista? (I shake my fist at you microsoft!) And why is Sony so stupid? When Sariah was born, my mom gave us an awesome Sony Handycam so we could take pics & videos and post them here for all to enjoy. Well, when our laptop got very sick, we bought a new desktop and set it up and behold! our Handycam softare (nero 6) doesn't work with Vista. (I shake my fist at you microsoft!) So we waited for the upgrade we could get free, and when the time came I went to download said upgrade and behold! you need your serial number (which had scratched off the camrea, why is it on the bottom?!?!?) and other obscure info for the camera (which we didn't have.) Okay so I gave up. Every once and awhile I try to resusatate our laptop and post video, but its a big hassle, so does anyone know if there is software I can just buy to make my handycam download video with Vista? I'm desperate here!

6. Not really a quandry, but I got new glasses (the first time in almost 7 years) so here ya go. And yes, our blog has gone monkey, I love it!


Jenifer said...

About the pillow. Just my opinion here. I use to be one of the $8 pillow kinda gals, and I have always had a difficult time sleeping. I got one of the $35 (or maybe even more) memory foam pillows from Target and, seriously, I have NEVER felt so comfortable sleeping in my life. I really think it is worth every penny and I try to tell everyone I know who might even care a little bit because it has been one of the best purchases Ever for me. Soo... just um, my 2 cents. :)

Marianne said...

I was going to tell you at playgroup how much I liked your glasses - I think I got distracted by my distraught 3 year old. LOVE the glasses!

Also - I loved reading this post. Good to know that other people have these type of "quandaries" also. (Sorry - no recommendations here)

Marianne said...

Oh - buy the blue one from Amazon (I don't know what I think about the memory size. If you would like, you can borrow my shuffle until it comes.

Lisa said...

Love the monkeys, loooove the glasses.

Go for the blue 4GB. You'll be happier in the long run, because you'll delay a second purchase by getting more memory for the same $ now.

Try a restaurant supply store for plates. I found one right across the street from our grocery store and most of the stuff I saw was pretty utilitarian but you might get lucky--we got our dinner glasses there & now they're lovely *and* unbreakable.

I agree with both you and Jenifer on the pillow thing. I hate it when pillows are so fluffy in the store, then pancake flat and stiff as a board in just a few months. I lucked out by getting my mom's not-in-use memory foam pillow when I was pregnant, last summer, and the weird shape of the pillow perfectly fit the curve of my waist and belly (hooray for back support!). Now it's moved up to my head and it's still wonderfully comfortable.

As for the pants, sew yourself some simple drawstring capris in a cute summery seersucker.

Jen said...

Cute Cute site! and Cute Cute glasses. I just bought a NICE down pillow from Ikea. $20+ range, but I don't think more than $30. I don't know how it will hold up... mal schauen.

Anonymous said...

about pillows, i love JCPenney's pillows. they are pricier but they have sales on all the time, we just got new pillows this past weekend for 50% off, spent only 15 per pillow & they are awesome!

Jenny said...

1. If it were me, I would get the 4 GB player, if it costs the same. I listen to my mp3 player (my cell phone) when I work out. The music is a must for me. But, it repeats songs too often and I'm starting to get bored with the music. A 4 GB wouldn't do that as often.
2. I so hear you about the pillows. I HATE when they go flat.
3. I agree. I want some dishes that are cute, lightweight, unbreakable. My corel ones are nice, but they don't match my kitchen (I know...I'm pathetic). And most corel dishes are so...white. I want more color!
4. I hate being between sizes. I've got that problem right now (A wonderful problem to have, I suppose). I'm trying to buy some clothes for a family reunion this summer, but I don't know what'll fit. I'm ALMOST in the smaller size, and probably will be by June. So, I should probably buy smaller. But, what if it doesn't fit by then? Sigh...
5. Bad Vista! :)
6. Love the glasses, love the monkeys!

Diane said...

Love the new site! So fun!

I LOVE the glasses! Where did you get them? I'm in desperate need of a new pair! I've had my current pair for, well, since before the mission. Yikes!

I have one of those weird shaped memory foam pillows and I can't sleep without it! I always curse myself when we go on a trip and I don't bring it and have to sleep on some funky pillow. (Don't worry, I don't really curse - just have huge regret all night. ;) ) I bought mine at ShopKo when they were having a sale...if I remember right the price wasn't too bad! and totally worth it. I tried a normal shaped one once that had little pockets of memory foam - or something, and it was weird. I took it back.

Aeropostale has cute jeans/clothes for pretty cheep! And they usually have a sale or I get coupons pretty often in my email. I got a nice pair of jeans for like $14 and then they went even lower to like $11 I think. Check out their site often and the clearance section and you're bound to find something to get you through for a little bit.

I'd also go for Amazon! I have a pretty big iPod and I never have to change my music on it. My husband has a nano and he's always on his computer changing his music out. I'd go for bigger...your less likely to get stuck with something you were in the mood to hear yesterday, but not today. :)

Good luck with everything! :)

Diana said...

I love the new monkey theme on your blog. I would buy the blue 4GB. You can never have too much memory. I would also buy the good pillow. Life is so much better after a good night's sleep! Love you!

Alan and Denise said...

I love your new glasses, too. I also enjoy my memory foam pillow, but it took me awhile to let myself spend that much on a pillow. I bought it at Penney's on sale and with a coupon, though so it wasn't too bad.

Alicia said...

You'll want more memory later on, so get the 4GB mp3 player.

Pillows...I've had the same down pillow since I was 5 years old and I love it! It will take any shape I need and it un-shapes with a few fluffs. Bottom line spend the money on the nice pillow $20-$35 for many years is way cheaper than $8 every six months.

Andrea said...

Like everyone else, I say buy the one from Amazon. One day you'll probably want the extra space and they usually ship pretty fast. About the pants...I wouldn't spend too much money on clothes if you are still in the weight loss process. I would just suck it up, buy something tolerable, look a little lame for a while, and then when you get to a point where you think you'll stay, then dish out the dough for a great pair of pants. I think it's totally worth it to spend a little more money for something that you like and will last a long time. I only buy one brand of jeans because it's the only brand that fits me perfectly and they are around $60...but one pair lasts forever. Totally worth it. Keep it up with the weight loss, by the way. I'm proud of you.