23 October 2008

So You Think You Can Dance? - The Road Trip!

Its the moment I'd been waiting for since season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance? started back in May - the tour stop in Milwalkee!!!Sarah, Erika, Hilary and I road triped over there to catch the tour, which was pretty sweet! It was fun to go as a group. We didn't get lost, we found parking preatty easily & we were early enough but not too early, so that was great!

Here we are at the front of the Bradley Center, we'd totally make top 20, don't you think?

Not that we'll actually try out next year or anything, I totally prefer to watch.

Here we are at our seats, we had pretty good seats. They were on the floor, and a bit back, but we could still see faces and expressions and things.

Here's just a couple pictures from my favorite dances from the second act. I didn't think to take my camera out for the first act, but that's okay. Just as a disclaimer, I have a favorite dancer, and it is Mark, he's definately a different kind of guy & dancer and we're a different breed of fan. We're all just basically "a little left of center" as Mark put it.
This first picture is from a group dance called "The Dance." I thought it was one of the best non-hip hop group dances of the season!

This second dance is from "Bleeding Love" which is a lyrical hip hop featuring Mark & Chelsie H. (Marksie!)

I had a totally awesome time and I loved every minute. We were a bit bummed because one of the favorite dancers, Katee had a neck injury and only danced the first group dance & the final couple dance, so it was a different show than I think others had previously seen, but it was still very enjoyable. Of course I could watch them every night if I were rich enough to follow the tour and get tickets to every venue, but that's okay, I'll settle reliving it through Youtube... ;)

I can't wait for the show to start again next year!

See all my pics from the tour:
SYTYCD Tour 2008 - Milkwalkee

Wanna see what SYTYCD is about? Or at least the dances I have pictures of, check out these youtube clips...


From Portland, OR:

From Tacoma:

From the tv show:


From Tacoma:

From St. Paul:

From the tv show:

The Finale of the live show from Tacoma:


Amber and The Boys said...

Oh man! You are killing me Marin! I wanted to be there with you guys SO SO bad! I LOVE bleeding love. I still get chills everytime I watch that one. I bet you guys had so much fun. How about next year you all fly to San Diego and go to the show with me. :)

Jenny said...

Sounds like fun. My friend Jenni is flying back to Maryland to go to the one in Baltimore. It seems half the people I know are crazy for SYTYCD. :)

Also, I have "You can't stop the beat" stuck in my head now. "...the motion of the ocean, lalalalalala...."