29 October 2008


The last 24 hrs. have gone something like this:

Doug sends email, trip may be cancelled.

Doug & Marin slack off at night, Doug doesn't pack.

Doug goes to work, waits for confirmation email about cancelled trip.

Doug gets a "plan to go until further notice" email.

Marin & Sariah go to playgroup.

Doug calles, time to go.

Everyone rushes home, Doug packs, head to office, go to airport.

Drop Doug off, hope for cancellation phone call.

Marin & Sariah go to Walmart x2 & mall.

Marin calls Doug, flight leaves in 40 min. still no cancellation.

Marin & Sariah arrive at home.

30 sec. later Doug calls, trip cancelled, needs a ride.

Marin sighs, have to get back in car.

Doug calls again, nevermind, got a ride back to work.

Marin rejoices!


Hannah said...

Yea for no business trip!!

Alan and Denise said...

Just one of those days, I guess. At least he'll be there for Halloween after all (sans costume :))

Jenny said...

Glad he gets to stay home!