07 August 2008


I haven't done one of these in awhile, so for your reading pleasure (thanks Sarah W.!)...

Four Places I go over & over:

Four Places I like to eat:
-Olive Garden
-Mesa Rosa in Austin

Four Places I would like to be right now:
-Austin, TX
-Snuggled in bed reading a good book
-at the So You Think You Can Dance live finale

Four t.v shows:
-So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars (depends on what season it is)
-Ugly Betty
-Stargate SG-1

Three Joys:
-Doug & Sariah
-Finishing a project
-Window Shopping

Three Fears:
-Dying (not death, I'm okay with death, but dying sounds painful)
-Doug and/or Sariah being gone for good
-insects and other creepy crawlies... *shiver*

Three Goals:
-Finish Decorating my house
-Work on all my Christmas gifts
-figure out my medical stuff

Three obsessions:
-being creative
-Harry Potter

Three surprising facts about me:
-I can stick my tounge out and touch my nose with it... gross but true
-My senior year of HS I was in every performing arts class offered (choir, marching band, orchestra & theatre production) and had 5 out of my 8 classes in the fine art's wing of the school
-I'm so ticklish that you only have to look at me with intent to tickle and I burst out laughing

I'm tagging Jenny, Susan & Lisa... and you if you feel so inclined!


Jenny said...

I plan on doing this sometime, I promise! :)

Anonymous said...

Four Places I Go Over & Over (out of school for summer):
-Ida's house
-Hobby Lobby

Four Places I like to eat:
-Austin's Pizza
-Casa Garcia's
-Sonic extra long coney with chili, mustard & onions oh yeah!

Four Places I want to be right now:
-at the boat party that Dear's work is throwing today i am so jealous
-watching water polo live in Bejing
-home! (just got back from long vacation)
-hanging with marin knitting & watching kiddos play

Four TV shows:
-Firefly (Zoe can kick my butt in about 3 seconds)
-Are You Being Served?

Three Joys:
-Dear & our offspring they are so great for me!
-i'm with you: finishing a project
-hugging hubby he is so fine!

Three Fears:
-snakes, yikes! me no likey...
-being halfway thru level 4 and they add a level 5 just cause they want to
-HEB quits carrying my ice cream

Three Goals:
-gain weight
-get rid of the junk in the living room
-get greg in shape & healthy

Three obsessions:
-medical stuff
-being a good mom
-finishing the afghan i'm working on before term starts

surprising facts:
-i can't go underwater without getting my nose & sinuses filled with water, i spent years & years trying to learn otherwise and finally gave up
-i took 4 drafting classes in HS and really loved it, was also school president of the TSA
-i hate watermelon of any sort, real or artificial