24 August 2008


No, we haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth, I just haven't blogged in a long time. Its not that I haven't thought about it, just sometimes its hard to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this case.) At any rate, my Mother-in-law posted an insightful post on her goals and asked us what ours are, and I thought I'd respond (since I've been meaning to do it forever.)

I've actually thought a lot about this the past couple of weeks. One could say I have a lot of little goals (weight goals, financial goals, craft project goals...), but what I really think it all boils down to is this: I'd really like to find a schedule that works for me and stick to it.

This might seem weird for me not to be on a schedule, esp. since Sariah is. She gets up, has breakfast around the same time, watches the Wiggles around the same time, eats lunch, naps, plays, has dinner all around the same time. I think my problem has been what I do around her schedule.

So this doesn't get long winded (because it already is...), I'll boil it down to this. I'd really like to set my schedule, when I clean, when I exercise, when I shop, when I craft, and stick to it. This also means less time futtering around at the computer (which I tend to substitute for adult interaction.) Less time with most electronics (except maybe the radio/cd player) would be ideal. Really, having a schedule and sticking to it would help me with my other goals (weight loss, clean house, etc.)

Over the weekend Doug and I were able to attend the Temple, and we also set a family goal to be better with personal & family scripture study. About 2 months ago, we made it a family goal to have better and regular Family Home Evenings, and I've really seen an improvement in our family because of it. We're closer now, and we enjoy our family bonding time. Doug was gone all last week for work, and his presence was missed. I could tell the difference when he came home. I know the scripture study will also improve the Spirit in our home.

What are your goals? Feel free to share... :)


Alan and Denise said...

I enjoyed your comments! I think that is a great goal and I wish you the best success with it.

Was Doug just working long hours last week, or on a business trip?

Have a great day and a great week!

Marin said...

Doug was in St. Louis last week at a Go Live. It was a LONG week (Mon. afternoon to Friday night) and we're SO glad he's back!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a good goal. Our new school schedule (a more regimented schedule than we've ever had before) helps keep me focused on what needs to get done.

I have lots of goals right now, and eventually I will blog about it. So, I'll save mine until then. :)

Andrea said...

That's a good goal. I need the same goal. It's hard sticking to a schedule though, and Jakob's seems to change every other week or so. I don't know if I'm ready to make that commitment yet.