05 August 2008

Happy Birthday Doug!

In case you can't read this (and you probably can't...)

20 Things Why I Love Doug, by Marin:

1 He's Doug
2 He's Mine
3 He's a Wonderful Father
4 He forgives my faults
5 2 Words: CREEPY FACE
6 His Eyes
7 His Hair
8 He's a hard worker
9 He holds the door for me
10 Kisses
11 He always lets me cry on his shoulder
12 He loves to have fun
13 He's a Family Man
14 He's a Worthy Priesthood Holder
15 He' MINE
16 He's got MOVES!
17 He stands up for what he believes in
18 RM & Eagle Scout
19 He loves me
20 He's MINE!!!

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband! Hope you enjoy 26!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Doug! I want to hear more about this creepy face. :)

Jenny said...

I was going to say the same thing! What's the Creepy Face?

Happy Birthday, Doug! Check my blog later, I've got a birthday post coming...

Marin said...

I'm going to be in so much trouble for mentioning Creepy Face (insert evil laugh here). We'll have to see if we can get Doug to do it at Thanksgiving, but basically he does this thing where he opens his eyes wide in a wierd kinda way that freaks me out, yet I love him for it... lol!

Lisa said...

I don't know why it still surprises me (every year!) that your husband is a year younger than my little brother. It's not like either of them is more "mature" than the other. And they're old enough that it doesn't really matter, but still.

Happy Birthday, Doug!

Alan and Denise said...

Happy Birthday Doug!
Nice post, Marin.