17 April 2008

It must be Spring!

Yesterday was really nice, not too cold, not too hot, pretty windy, but still nice. Playgroup was held at a park that's about a 20 min. walk from our house, so we took a little stroll. I wish I had remembered my camera (this is why I got a small one last year for my b-day,) because there would've been lots of cool things to photograph.

First off, Sariah was super cute. After realizing that rocks don't taste good, she sat and played in the pebbles with another little boy for at least 15 min. It was the first time I've actually seen her play with someone, making me feel a lot better about going into nursery soon.

Then on the walk home, we were passed by about 10 people on all kinds of bikes. This is noteworthy because all these people had to be over 75 years old. I thought it was really, really cool. I hope I'm that active! (Well, sometimes I'm not even that active now!)

In other springy news, my bulbs from last fall are starting to sprout! I can't wait until they bloom, stay tuned for pictures. I love our backyard, its big and shady with lots of trees. Great in the Summer, not so super when all those leaves fall. And since we didn't get them all up last year, now that the snow has melted, they're still there. Now that its warming up, we're getting outside and cleaning it up. Soon it'll be time to fertilize and cultivate and all that other good outdoorsy stuff.

Finally, Sariah's furniture comes today, so hopefully expect the final room pictures by this weekend. I did find something for the shelf, well you'll see. :) Thanks for all the suggestions!

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