09 April 2008

Fill the Void Contest

I have a little problem, I'm hoping ya'll can help me out. The item that was suppose to go on the shelf in the picture is too big to sit there. So I'm enlisting ya'll's help! I'm at a loss as to what I should put on this shelf. What do you think? Leave your idea in the comments. If I choose your idea, you'll get a special drawing by an up and coming, hot, new artist! (And by artist, I mean Sariah.) Just for participating, I'll email you one of me 3 favorite recipes: chocolate chip cookies, from scratch pancakes, or black bean & corn salsa. (Let me know which recipe you want in the comments as well.) So let me know! It can be something bought or maybe something I can make/paint/whatever.

I'm almost done decorating Sariah's room, we still need to buy a ceiling fan, dresser & nightstand. But I'm finished with all the decorating... so here are the before and after shots! I hope they help!

Sariah’s Room

Just to get an idea of what I did. I painted all the walls, made the curtains (which included sewing on all those butterflies individually.) Also I sewed the throw pillows, crocheted (poorly) the afagan and painted the room plaque on her door. Everything else was mostly bought from Target. :) It was fun! I can't wait to do it again!


Lisa said...

My personal preference is for pictures, and my favorite to put in my kids' room is their ultrasound prints. I know some folks don't get prints (Jess had slides/x-ray type prints) so second choice would be you and Doug in a favorite wedding photo, looking deliriously in love.

Since I've already got smokin' hot chocolate chip cookie and from-scrtach pancake recipes, I'll go for the black bean and corn salsa.

Jenny said...

How about a monkey of some sort? Maybe a monkey themed picture frame or a figurine/stuffed animal. I think I've seen some monkey stuff like that at Target recently.

I'll choose the black bean and corn salsa recipe. :)

Susan said...

I like both of the other suggestions, but I'll try to come up with something new. You could spell out Sariah's name with colorful blocks or put a picture of Sariah dressed up like a monkey in a cute jungle frame. Sorry if they're not very original.

I will also take the salsa receipe. It sounds really good.

Lisa said...

Expansion of Jenny's (credit goes to her, contest-wise), Elena's bunny is currently wearing the dress Elena wore home from the hospital. If you wanted to put up a stuffed monkey, it could wear either of Sariah's Coming Home or Blessing outfits.

Hepworths said...

I think you should put a big wooden "S" up there. Maybe in light pink or lavender or some color to match the room. If you'd like my honest opinion though, I think the shelf and pictures are too small for that space above the bed. The shelf would look better on a smaller wall or at least not the main focal point over the bed. You need something larger - like a nice big print or something - above the bed. Good luck!

Jenny said...

These fabric letters are REALLY cute. I've admired them when I've been browsing Anthropologie in my mall: