13 April 2008

Big Weekend

My Sis & Bro-in-law had their big "med student prom" a couple weeks ago. We'll now counter that with the Epic Prom, better know as the Epic Anniversary Party. A big event where we get all dressed up and listen to a really long program and then get awesome food. Last year it was a fancy sit down dinner, followed by the program at the local civics center. This year Epic built their own large auditorium and facilities. (Its seriously like a large theatre with other rooms attached. Its pretty impressive.) We had to listen to the program first and their was no sit down dinner, just really fancy hor devours and desserts. (But we ate so much, it was like dinner!) In the area where we sat and ate there was a pretty decent jazz quartet.

I get a new outfit for this event every year, but you can't see my pretty new dress, because I left my coat on all evening. Its an awesome sparkly black dress that I got at JCP for $6 (normally $70, but it was on super clearance.) Its okay though, because I have another oppertunity to wear it next month.

Sariah stayed home with a babysitter, Miss Tiffany, the local librarian, who, in my opinion, is totally awesome. She did really well. The next day (Sat.) she got to play with Daddy all day. They went to the office, bought furniture for her room, did the laundry, and Doug installed our nice pretty new thermostat controll (yay Doug!)

I on the other hand, took a scenic drive through southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The youth had a temple trip to Chicago planned and our Sister Missionaries & Beth, a recent convert, went went. Now the Sisters serving in West Bend, who both at one point served here, decided they wanted to go to the temple, too. So they got a member to drive them to Madison, and I drove them down to Chicago, since I really needed to attend the temple myself. Then we drove back up to West Bend (which is north of Milwalkee) and then I drove home. I was gone about 12 hrs., but it was totally worth it! Even with the rainy/sleety weather, it wasn't a bad drive. The Sisters are funny, and good gals. I was honored to attend the Temple with them.

Today we made it to church, but Sariah and I both have colds. Hopefully we'll get over it soon so we can take advantage of the really nice weather we should be having this week. My bulbs are starting to sprout (the ones the animals aren't digging up anyways.)

In other news: Sariah turns 17 months this week and we can start taking her to nursery next week as long as we stay with her until she's 18 months! Yay! We've bought her furniture, it comes Thursday, and hopefully next week we can install the ceiling fans we bought. She helped us move her baby bed into her new room this afternoon, and she'll start sleeping in there now. She already likes to climb up and lay on her big bed, so here's hoping for a seamless transition. My baby is growing up!

So this turned into a large rambling post, I hope you enjoyed it!


Lisa said...

It's always fun to get dressed up and go out. And sometimes hors devours are better--you get to choose exactly what you want to eat.

Looking forward to pictures of Sariah's finished product. Elena was in total love with her big girl bed, too, when she moved up.

Susan said...

Looks like a fun time. You'll have to post a picture of your dress sometime!