09 March 2008


Things I learned from Sariah: Eatting a banana always makes it better. Watching the Wiggles will also make it better. Eating a banana, while watching the Wiggles sing about bananas? Perfect.

Cool Thing I saw while driving: The licence plate in front of me read: ARRGHH

That's exactly how I feel while driving!

Things I thought I missed but didn't: Masterpiece Theatre the last two weeks. Last week because we were out of town and this week because I was doing something else, looked at the clock and went "doh! Its been on for 45min!" Turns out its not on again until the 23rd... phew!

Things I love about Doug: 1) His ablilty to be nice and forgive me when I do stupid things.
2) His willingness to trust me.
3) His concern for others, esp. when it comes to his callings
4) The effort he puts into important things
5) His support for all my crazy projects
6) His ablility to make me laugh
7) The way he is with Sariah
8) everything else... :)

Things I enjoy doing lately: Puzzle games on my Nintendo DS, (I admit it) Watching the Wiggles with Sariah, planning all the cool things we're going to do with Sariah's new room.

Things Sariah tries to do but can't yet: Jump. Seriously, this is the cutest thing ever. We're dancing with the Wiggles, and often times they'll jump around. You can see her brain working as she tries to figure out how they get off the ground like that. So far, she's done a lot of tippy toe standing, like if she can just get high enough, her feet will come off the ground. Its very cute!

Things Sariah can do that I wish she couldn't: Climb. She's all over and into everything! The other day, I saw her perched on the handle of her ride around car reaching over to try and touch the Gamecube. This was a very unbalanced situation! She hasn't fallen badly (yet), but she's into everything electronic.


Lisa said...

Joseph climbs on everything, too. We were at a shoe store, the other day, and he figured out how to push the fitting stool over to the counter so he could climb up and get to the basket of Hershey kisses on the counter. (Embarrassed to admit I was so impressed I let him have one.)

Melanie said...

Jacob used to climb on everything as well and believe me they grow out of it eventually. Jacob sometimes freaked me out, because it seemed he has no fear at all, but he never got hurt really bad.

Susan said...

At least Sariah doesn't eat out of the garbage can...yet. :)

Marin said...

Don't speak too soon, Susan, she tried to pull an empty yogurt container out of the trash yesterday! :)