20 January 2010

Its been One Week since you looked at me...

Here's little Bryson at 1 week. I can't believe today was actually my due date! We're thankful that Bryson has been in our lives this week. He's such a good, patient, easy going little guy. I know I keep saying this, but its true that Sariah just adores him.

At one week, Bryson:

-loves to suck. Nothing calms him down like his thumb (which he found hours after birth) or a paci.
-isn't really a fussy guy. He gets mostly upset if he's got gas, other than that nothing really fazes him. Although...
-he isn't a fan of diaper changes. I think that's when he gets upset the most.
-is a super nurser. I've never had any problems with his latch. He's a slow nurser though & often falls asleep. In fact during the night it seems to take forever to feed him. First I have to strip him down to his onesie. Then he'll feed for 10 min on the first side, fall asleep, so I have to burp him, then he'll continue another 5-10 in that same side. Then he gets a diaper change, does 10 min on the other side, gets his jammies & swaddled in his blanket, gets tops off & finally goes back to sleep. Thankfully we're only repeating this process 2-3 times a night depending on when we get to bed.
-he's a self soother. Often I can hear him just cooing to himself in his crib between feedings, but he never gets real upset. In fact, after the first night, we haven't had to calm him down between feedings.

Seriously, the best thing about him is how calm he is. (I think he gets it from Doug.) He makes having a second kid a breeze. (And hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by saying so!)


Susan said...

Self-soothing? Paci? Ah, what I wouldn't give... Although I will say Evaline is MUCH better than she used to be about going to sleep. And I guess she's never been a slow eater. Every baby has their ups and downs I s'pose. Bryson sure sounds like a good baby!

Jenny said...

Henry hated having his diaper changed as a little baby, too. And James was SUCH a slow eater--I feel your pain on that one! I'm glad he's being such a good little baby! Yay for self-soothing! (Those thumbs, while annoying at age 6, sure come in handy in those early years!)

Andrea said...

Congrats mommy of two! My second one is also really calm. It makes life so much easier. I know quite a few moms who have calm second children. I think Heavenly Father blesses us with these children to keep us sane, and also to encourage us to have more! Good luck with the adjustment. The hardest thing for me was feeling like there wasn't enough of me to go around. I wanted to be everything for each of my kids, and I just couldn't do it. It's getting better though and things are settling down. Good luck!