07 October 2009

Where in the World?

We finished the baby's room last night! Well, I should say almost finished because I still have one or two more little things that I'm waiting on, but for the most part, its painted, and the big pictures are put up. We decided to go with a map theme for this room. Its based off a room I saw in a magazine, but we went with browns instead of blues, just in case I ever have to girl the room up at some point. You can ignore the ugly dresser & pack n play though, that's temporary baby furniture that will be replaced with a nice new bedroom set when baby is no longer a baby & ready for a big boy bed. So let's look at the pictures, shall we?

This is the corner of the room where our "changing closet" is located. That picture frame next to is is the one some of the postcards people are sending me will be placed. I have plans for the others as well, so no worries! The brown paint on the wall looks a funny color in these pictures, just know its a nicer color in person.The top of the dresser, once again, ignore the picture of Doug and I in the frame. That's our 32 weeks shot when I was pregnant with Sariah. It'll be replaced with a new one in about 7 weeks. The outfit on the dresser is his "coming home" outfit for the hospital. Its the same one as we used with Sariah, with a different blanket (it use to be Doug's) and a new small monkey toy.
These are the maps on the walls.
A close up of the stars that border the room, and the clock, which isn't too interesting, but useful when nursing in the middle of the night!
In case you're wondering, the temple pictured there is Chicago. We tried to go with the closest temples around for the kid's rooms, Sariah has a picture of Nauvoo in her room.
Check out my red curtains, I made those. :) They're "blackout" curtains, so they'll block more light out the room in the morning when the sun is streaming into the room.
(I see a Sariah...) The curtains are suppose to match that toy bucket & the red on the baskets you'll see in the changing closet.
Speaking of the changing closet, we added shelves on the other side (next picture) so we have a whole lot of storage on this side now. The green bucket is empty, but the other two are filled with boy clothes in bigger sizes.
Check out all the storage space! I love it!
So that's the room for now. If I find the cord for the other camera, I'll post the pictures Sariah took that document us painting it. Its been a fun project to work on during this last birthday/conference weekend. I'm glad to have it (mostly) done!


hilary w said...

That looks awesome! I love the way you decorated the room. I love those colors for boy rooms. The maps look so cool, too! Great job, you guys!

Jenny said...

Cute idea! I like that you even put little globes on the dresser to tie in to the theme! Now I just need to find a place close to home that sells Colorado postcards so you can fill in your frame! Walmart has carried them here forEVER, but now that I want to buy them, they don't anymore. So, I'm on a mission to find a good postcard for you. :)

Alan and Denise said...

Good job! The room looks very nice, and I'm sure you will enjoy it, as well as the shelving in the closet. I like the maps. I've always thought framed maps are nice.

Susan said...

I love the maps! Baby Croft will be an explorer. :) And I guess great minds think alike... I was about to post my nursery pictures but I think I'll wait a day or two now so that I don't post on top of you. Yay for nurseries!

The Whittacres said...

cute...we haven't even started yet...should I be starting this already?