15 August 2009

Things We Like

Because we are boring & because I can't sleep, here is a short list of things we're into lately...

1. How to Potty Train Your Monster
Here's a book that was recommended by my mom that we bought for Sariah, and she loves it! I think she enjoys the colorful monsters on the pages learning how to use the potty. The book give you 10 rules in helping potty train your "monster." Its humorous tips and reminders are also good for mom & dad.

2. Market Pantry Chocolate Ice Cream from Target: Honestly, there's nothing better than Blue Bell Ice Cream, and I accept that! Unfortunately, we live in the "deep north" and the best ice cream in the world isn't available to us. This is a pretty good substitute for our money though. It has a soft, non gritty texture which we enjoy. It def. doesn't taste like a store brand and is better than most the other options we've tried.

3. Ceiling Fans & Pedestal Fans: Its August, its "hot" (not by Texas standards, but still hotter than the rest of the year), we don't have a/c in our house. Nuff said.

4. Toilet Sprayer:

For cloth diapering, this is totally worth the money. Sprays all the nasty stuff into the toilet, and I don't have to touch it... brilliant!

5. Our new dentist office: Our first dentist that we went to here was trying to scam us, I'm pretty sure. He made us feel all kinds of guilt, then he told us we had all these cavities, then when we went to fix the first round, he botched one of mine and it hurt for like a month, so he "fixed" it again, but the pain never stopped, so we bailed on him. Two years later we finally went back to the dentist. Our new dentist office was nice, friendly, guilt free, let Sariah watch PBS while we got our teeth cleaned, and guess what, I've got no cavities! (Doug has 2 but one of them is from a botched job by the previous dentist... grr...) It was a much better experience, and we're much happier! They even gave Sariah an awesome new tooth brush that she brought to Doug this morning and insisted they brush their teeth.


Alan and Denise said...

Sounds like a great list. Glad you found good ice cream, helpful tools and a competent dentist. It all helps. Have a great day!

aliciaj said...

Glad you found a new dentist that you like! Our dentist retired and we're not impressed with his replacement and the ridiculous prices; now we get to find a new one.

Jenny said...

I have been truly missing Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream as of late. But, I've found an acceptable substitute in Breyer's Cookie Dough. It isn't Blue Bell, but it's better than a lot of the other cookie dough ice creams out there. Glad you found a substitute, too!