05 June 2009

Update on my 10 in 6 challenges

So of course right now I'm not really focusing on weight loss anymore, but we still have a hearty group of gals that want to continue, so we're starting the 10 in 6 challenge again, but a little different. The info is up on the 10 in 6 blog...

But also, since I'm pregnant, I was hoping to get a support system going for us pregnant ladies. I know lots of ladies expecting right now, so I hope ya'll are interested in joining our community. I'm calling it Healthy Bellies, but its not just a group focused on eating & exercise during pregnancy, but all aspects, the good & the bad. I want it to be a place we can all share.

So if you're interested in joining the 10 in 6 or Healthy Bellies, feel free to register with our NEW Message Boards. I can't wait to see you there! (Also if you just want to hang with the coolest people on the internet, there's a general board. We love input from our friends!)

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