13 June 2009

County Dairy Breakfast

Since Sariah has decided that she likes to wake up before recognized times in the morning, (I only recognize one 5:30 a day, and that's in the evening) we decided it would be fun to head to the county dairy breakfast. Apparently, this is a yearly event and each county hosts one at a local dairy farm.

It unfortunately rained last night, so the ground was soft & muddy, but we thankfully didn't get the car stuck in the field where we had to park. (Unlike in '98 when I got my car stuck at a concert at Southpark Meadows, Christi knows what I'm talking about!) From the field to the dairy farm we got a tractor ride, which just might have been Sariah's favorite part (aside from seeing the cows.)

The breakfast was decent, I was able to eat the scrambled eggs, sausage, coffee cake, but I had to pass on the cheese cubes & ice cream. (I know, the fact that ice cream makes me nausious is a sad sad thing!) Unlike the dairy farm that we visited in Kansas last November, this one doesn't process it's milk on site, so they handed out milk from sponser McDonalds, which was a little weird.

We enjoyed all the booths about the dairy farms and things. Sariah even got cow spots painted on her face. We took a short horse drawn cart tour around the farm, then took a closer look at the cows. Then we hoped a tractor ride back to our car & headed home. It was a pretty good morning. Maybe next year when I'm not loathing dairy we'll go visit some of the neighboring county dairy breakfasts, too!


Hannah said...

how do you even find out about things like this? That sounds like so much fun.

Marin said...

We actually found out about this through the Scott Walker for Gov. website. We thought they were campaign stops, but it turns out, while he had a booth there, its just a local event.

I did notice that this website: http://kidstuffmadison.com/ has it mentioned, too, along with other fun activities!

Lisa said...

No ice cream? Oh, you poor girl. You can still do sorbet, though it doesn't have the same sort of creamy goodness.

Jenny said...

Sounds like fun!

Justin and Jamie said...

Looks like a fun trip!