22 January 2009

New and Improved!!

Plan sheer curtains that people can see through on my Living Room windows Boring blank space between book shelves & china hutch.
Blank walls, naked window

Very obnoxious blank spot on my Dining Room wall.

Extremely adorable Daughter saying "Cheese!"


Pretty green curtains covering sheer curtains.

Sariah's 2nd birthday portait finally hung on wall.

Proclamations hung in corner.

Fancy new curtains on window, matching flowers on table.
Wedding photos hung in other corner.
Van Gogh hung on wall elimating blank space, also matching flowers & curtains.
Final Verdict: Much Better!!


Susan said...

Cute, cute! I especially like the curtains and Van Gogh. And good choice on keeping Sariah. :)

Diane said...

Love the Van Gogh! I also have that picture hanging up, not framed so nice as yours is! Jealous! ;) Also love the blue kitchen (I know that's not one you pointed out, but I couldn't help noticing. I've always wanted a blue kitchen!) Place looks great! :D

Jenny said...

VERY cute! I love how the blue in Starry Night looks with the blue in the rest of the room. Everything looks great!

Lisa said...

I like how the blue flows from the kitchen, to the table, to the window, with more blue in the print and the wedding pictures. It came together really well!

And, my goodness, Sariah has a lot of hair! It's only been three months since I saw her, so where'd all that hair come from?

Jennifer said...

Nice, Maren!! Now I feel motivated..

Alan and Denise said...

It all looks very nice. You did a great job! Sariah is also looking very cute.

Diana said...

Wow! Good decorating! Your house looks great. Karey Gonzalez made a comment on my Facebook about how cute Sariah is too. I can't wait to see you in less than a week!

Shannon said...

Looks great! WE have been in this place for eight months and I still have bare spots everywhere. There are pictures that will fill the empty spaces, but they just aren't up. Great job!

Alma32 said...

it looks great. seems like everyone is decorating the appartment better. i did it as well.

Gehmlich's said...

So fun! I really am jealous that you have your own house to decorate. Someday!!! I like the post too. Very fun the way you did it.

Susan said...

Haha. So I'm about to post pictures of our redone kitchen that we've been working on for 3 months. And I just realized it's going to look like we copied you. I promise we didn't. We just have similar taste. But hey - imitation is the greatest form of flattery right?