01 September 2008

a-MAZE-ing Labor Day

Nothing says Labor Day Holiday like a large corn maze, right? Well why not. So we headed over to Lodi and The Treinen Farm Corn Maze.Here's Doug and Sariah at the start of the maze. They hand you one eights of the map and you have to find all the check points to complete it. They also let us borrow this stroller for Sariah, which was nice. Doug surveys the land.
Here's what he saw.Yay! Check point 1.
Here's Check Point 2

Check point 3
The family that runs the farm owns this terrier, and he's a very nice, social dog. He kept Sariah occupied through the whole maze since he pretty much followed us through. I think we were really only one of three groups today. Sariah was so excited, she kept say "dog! dog!" and she tried to talk to him a lot by saying "woof, woof!" over and over... (We had just taught her Sat. that a dog says woof.) She even wasn't that afraid to let the dog smell her hand and pet his (with help.) She gets really excited and laughs really loud near animals.
Check point 4
Check point 5
Check point 6

Check point 7
We made it out!
The one picture of me, to prove I was there too.

We had a lot of fun, and it was a great family activity. We'll probably do it again next year!


Susan said...

That looks so fun. I've always wanted to do a corn maze. Chris and I were already thinking of finding one this fall to do, and I think you've sealed the deal! :)

Alan and Denise said...

Sounds like you had a fun Labor Day! I've never done a corn maze, although they seem to be getting more and more popular and popping up all around these days.

Jenny said...

Corn mazes are fun--especially if you have a nice jogging stroller! :) We use the wagon, but it's not the best. But you have to have something, because the kids always get tired and want to be carried...

Justin and Jamie said...

How fun! I love corn mazes. Sariah is getting so big. I can't wait to see you guys!

Andrea said...

We usually go through a corn maze at Halloween and ocassionally I ask myself what the point was. We paid 9 dollars each to walk in to get lost, then have to find our way back out. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it though. I did actually have a good time too, but occasionally wondered why the heck I paid to wander around in a field of corn.

travis - hilary - jack said...

Marin! I love your blog! (this is Hilary, by the way). We have a blog, too, travisandhilary.blogspot.com. Would you mind if we added a link to your blog on ours?