11 January 2008

Three's a Crowd?

Its Friday Morning, and we offered to babysit Kate, who's a month older than Sariah for an hour or so. Let's just say that Sariah didn't take this very well. First, Kate cried because her mommy left, then Sariah started crying because her mommy was comforting another baby. For the next hour and a half they kept setting each other off. I know that when they get a bit older, they are going to be great friends because they live so close together and will go to the same schools/church classes, but for now I thought it was very humorous. We did try and have some fun. We played with blocks, and I didn't get a picture but Kate played Sariah's toy piano while Sariah played the toy drum.

Here are a couple of pictures... After the toys I took them upstairs to try the real piano. You can tell how upset Sariah is at me. After we came back down stairs they had a crying contest. You can see that Sariah pulled out all the stops trying to win.
Here's her face, just for more proof.
It really wasn't that bad. We'll see how Monday goes when we babysit Aiden for a bit. Fortuantely, he's 4, so I don't think Sariah will be so jealous!

And a short side note: I know I haven't blogged much, we're still trying to get back into the swing of things. I promise that I'll blog Christmas and post all our pictures eventually... def. by next Christmas, but more likely before the end of the month.


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Susan said...

Hmm. That comment above is weird. Now I forgot what I was going to say. Something along the lines of - Sariah still looks cute even when she's mad. Have a good week.

Andrea said...

I think crying pictures are so endearing. I just had this same thing happen the other day, but both moms were around. What a stress inducer!

Mary said...

Oh no! I guess Sariah's not ready for a sibling yet. :)